SABN – The Best Idea Ever!

Even though it didn’t have a name at the time, The South Asian Bloggers Network was an idea that was stewing and bubbling in our minds for some time.


There wasn’t a Ad Network for South Asian Bloggers in North America so there was a need to be filled. One day our ideas came together when we had a phone call that apparently went like this:

Raj: “Hey I have this crazy idea”
Salma: “What’s new about that; spill it”
Raj: “I think there should be a community & network for South Asian Bloggers”
Salma: “I had the same idea recently! We should build a platform to support and promote fellow South Asian Bloggers.”
Raj & Salma: “This is the best idea ever!”

The South Asian Bloggers Network was born.

temp SABN logo

It’s the first network of it’s kind in North America, and we are so excited about the possibilities! Our mission at SABN is to create a community that allows us to share culturally relevant content and connect bloggers with brands through authentic partnerships.

What this means for Bloggers:
We understand that South Asian bloggers are an influential, untapped niche with stories and experiences that need to be shared. By joining SABN, these bloggers will have the opportunity to work with brands and companies, collaborate with their peers and grow their readership as well as their own personal brand.

What this means for Brands:
SABN will create a bridge between the South Asian Community and companies, brands and businesses. We can give them access to a highly targeted and engaged community that’s often overlooked and is very difficult to find through traditional means.

In addition to brand relationships, the South Asian Bloggers Network is a community platform designed to share and promote the stories written by our peers. We believe their words celebrate our community and play a vital role in preserving our culture.

We hope you are excited for us and will help us spread the word of SABN. You can support us by liking our page on Facebook where we will be sharing great posts, important information and just having lots of fun! You can also follow us on Twitter and Pinterest.


2 thoughts on “SABN – The Best Idea Ever!

  1. This is such a great idea! I really enjoy reading posts from both of you, and am looking forward to seeing SABN take off.

    Best of luck!!!

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