5 of our Favourite Food Bloggers

We love all of our SABN Bloggers, especially those ones who post delicious, mouth-watering recipes. Today we thought it would be fun to profile five South Asian food bloggers who will definitely inspire you during your next culinary adventure.

1. Chocolate & Chillies
Asiya started her blog Chocolate & Chillies more than four years ago to share the recipes that she was trying in her kitchen. She is the mom of two boys who keep her on her toes. Asiya decided to become a stay-at-home after having her first son and her days are definitely busy! On her blog you will find many different types of Indian food recipes including those with Hydrabad and Pakistan influence. Her latest mouth-watering recipes include, Cheesy Jalapeño Bread, Falooda and Smashed Potatoes. You can also follow the aroma of Chocolate & Chillies on FB and Instagram.

Chocolate & Chillies

2. Lawyer Loves Lunch

Azmina, the writer and cook behind Lawyer Loves Lunch always knew she wanted to be a lawyer. What she hadn’t counted on were the very long hours and the lack of lunch options.  She started cooking to maintain some sanity in her chaotic life and Lawyer Loves Lunch was born. Add in a couple of kids and you have one busy mama. She still manages to share delicious recipe posts that include a little glimpse into her life as well. Some of her recent recipes include Potatoes O’Brien, Smoky Potato Corn Chowder and Fritters. You’ll definitely want to follow her appetizing pictures on Instagram and FB.

Photo Source: LawyerLovesLunch.com
Photo Source: LawyerLovesLunch.com

3. Carrots & Cake

A registered dietician by trade, Nita Sharda fell in love with food at young age, watching her mother prepare indian cuisine. She started her blog as a way to express her inner foodie and help educate people on what it really means to eat mindfully and informatively. You can find lots of healthy recipes on Carrots & Cake from breakfast ideas to vegetarian meals. Her most recent ones include Carrot Oatmeal Cookies, Indian Spiced Biryani and Black Bean Quinoa Stew. You can find Nita sharing her latest recipes and thought about healthy eating on FB and Instagram.

carrots & cake
Photo Source: Carrots & Cake

4. Tickle Those Tastebuds

Hirra’s love for cooking started very simply. She was told she couldn’t cook so she started cooking and it became her passion. Now she shares her love of cooking on her blog, Tickle Those Tastebuds where she shares different recipes from around the world. Her latest culinary successes are a traditional Mediterranean breakfast skillet and a Spring Fiesta Salad. You can also get your tastebuds tickled with Hirra on her FB and Instagram accounts.

Photo Source: Tickle Those Taste Buds
Photo Source: Tickle Those Taste Buds


5. I’ll Cook You Wash
Indira started her blog for a few reasons, she love writing, cooking and wanted an creative outlet. The biggest influence on her cooking was her husband Rabin. After marriage, she realized that she cooked a lot because he enjoys eating it and loves trying her new recipes. Here are so many delicious recipes on I’ll Cook You Wash, from Black Forest Cake Smoothie and Avocado Chicken Soup to Goat Cheese Ravioli and Truffle Fries. You can also find photos of all these fabulous recipes on Instagram.

Photo Source: I'll Cook You Wash
Photo Source: I’ll Cook You Wash


We hope these wonderful food bloggers have inspired you with their recipes. We will continue to feature our very talented SABN bloggers right here, so make sure you sign up to get our posts delivered right to your inbox. You can also find all the SABN blogger’s post featured on our FB page.

Happy Cooking!

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