5 of Our Awesome Mommy Bloggers

Mommy bloggers come in lots of different varieties; parenting, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, travel, food and more. South Asian Bloggers Network is lucky to have some really awesome mommy bloggers who share great posts on a daily basis to make your like a little easier and a lot more interesting.

Today we thought we would share with you, 5 of our South Asian Mommy Bloggers that you will definitely want to get to know better.

1. Pink Jasmine
Shilpi blogs at PinkJasmineStyling.com. As a lifestyle blogger, she writes about fashion, beauty, decor, parenting and more. She started her blog as a way to document and share her journey and experiences. Part of that journey is life with adorable rambunctious twins! Working full-time, being mom and blogging makes Shilpi one happy and busy mama! Some of her latest posts include Mommy Guilt Trip, a DIY Wine Bottle Vase and Spring Fashions. You can also find Shilpi and get to know her more on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  She is seriously sweet and quite lovely, so make sure to stop by and say hello.

Photo Source: PinkJasmineStyling.com

2. Baby & Life

Yashy is the fabulous mom behind the blog Baby & Life. When you visit her site, you’ll find posts about parenting, travel and food and often all three in one. She has travelled the world and having two little ones hasn’t slowed her down. If you need tips on traveling with kids, the best places to eat and life with little ones, then this is the blog you’ll want to follow. Yashy’s latest posts include: Eating Out With Baby, Toddler Talk and  Visiting the 9-11 Memorial with Kids. You can also find Baby & Life on Twitter and Instagram.

Photo Source: BabyandLife.com
Photo Source: BabyandLife.com

3. It’s My Girls’ World
Sarita is another amazing mama. She is the brains behind It’s My Girls’ World. Sarita describes her blog best when she says: Join us in celebrating the extraordinary in the ordinary, making our house a home and laughing through our many silly adventures. When you visit her site, you’ll find posts about life, travel, recipes and of course pictures of her adorable girls (major cuteness alert.) Her latest posts are: SIX, Italia for the Win and Meaningful Moments. If you want more, you can also find It’s My Girls’ World on FB and Twitter.

Photo Source: It'sMyGirlsWorld.com
Photo Source: It’sMyGirlsWorld.com

4. Let ME Out!!
If you’re looking for inspiration, happiness and some awesome recipes, Taslim over at Let ME Out!! is where you should stop. She’s a mom of three, a freelance writer, author, motivational speaker and a darn good cook to boot. When you read her posts, you will smile, laugh and cry because her words reach deep into your heart and make an impact. Some of her latest posts that we loved are  A Smile on Social Media Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story, 3 Things That Make Me Go Whaaa?! and Chicken Biryani. You can also follow Taslim on, FB, Twitter and Instagram.

Photo Source: LetMeOutCreative.com
Photo Source: LetMeOutCreative.com

5. Driving Ms. Desi
Sanober is the poignant writer behind Driving Ms. Desi. Having switched modes from career woman to stay-at-home mom, to work-at-home mom, her journey has been a struggle as well as enlightening. When you read her posts, you often get engrossed in the words that are so true and so relatable. She is the mom to one adorable little girl who you also get to meet on the blog. Some of her posts are 7 Year Itch, Growing Up and  How to Break Free from Gender Stereotypes. You can find Sanober on FB and Twitter.

Photo Source: DrivingMsDesi.com
Photo Source: DrivingMsDesi.com

Those are a few of our memorable mom bloggers. If you’re a big foodie, you many also want to check out our round up of South Asian Food Bloggers!

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  1. You guys are so sweet 🙂 Thanks for the mention and great to have such a great platform Salma & Raj 🙂

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