5 More Fabulous Food Bloggers

A couple of weeks ago, we introduced you to 5 of our Favourite Food Bloggers and we promised to share more with you. Today, we are featuring 5 More Fabulous Food Bloggers whose posts will make your mouths water and have you running to the kitchen to start trying out their recipes, I promise.

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1. Food, Pleasure and Health
Dixya, who is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist by profession, started her blog four years ago, purely out of boredom while she was living in her dorm at school. And we are sure glad she did! Her various recipes give you a balance of health and yumminess. Even though she chose the name Food, Pleasure and Health on a whim,  it ties into her philosophy that food helps people stay healthy, enriches their well-being and brings pleasure to their lives. A few of her recent recipes are Baked Pasta Cups, Everyday Lentil Salad and Easy Roast Chicken. You can also find Food, Pleasure and Health on FB and Instagram.

Photo Source: Food Pleasure Health
Photo Source: Food Pleasure Health

 2. Indiaphile
If you are looking for delicious Indian food fused with Western dishes, you’ve come to the right place. Puja admits that she is a foodie at heart and you can tell with her delicious recipes and gorgeous food pictures. She and her husband Steve started Indiaphile after they realized that food dominated their conversations with each other as well as friends and family. Their food philosophy includes making a majority of meals from scratch, as well as shopping at local ethnic markets and farmers markets for their ingredients. Some of our favourite Indiaphie recipes include Baked Tandoori Chicken Wings, Paneer and Caramelized Onion Rustic Pie and Ginger Chai Spiced Cookies. Follow Indiaphile  on FB and Instagram for more delicious recipes.

Photo Source: Indiaphile
Photo Source: Indiaphile

3. Honey What’s Cooking?
Nisha is the lovely lady behind Honey, What’s Cooking? She started blogging as an outlet to release her thoughts, ideas, and recipes to the world. She is a lover of all cuisines and her favourite things to do are baking and cooking (obviously,) traveling, shopping, watching hours of Food Network, and exploring New York City.  After successfully reaching her goal weight, Nisha now tries to incorporate healthy living and eating into her life and blog as much as possible. Some of her latest food posts include One-Minute Chocolate Chocolate Brownie in a Mug and Eggs in Purgatory which look pretty amazing!  Honey What’s Cooking? is also on FB and Instagram where she is regularly sharing.

Photo Source: Honey, What's Cooking?
Photo Source: Honey, What’s Cooking?

4. The Primal Desire
Raj and his blogging partner Holley started a food blog called The Primal Desire after Raj challenged Holley to a 30-Day Paleo Challenge. Once it was over, they both realized they wanted to share their healthy, tasty and simple paleo recipes with the world, so the blog was born. They share recipes that are paleo, gluten-free and most importantly, delicious! The Primal Desire recently celebrated their one-year blogiversary which is a big milestone! Some of their most recent recipes include Paleo Curry Carrot Cake, Ginger Strawberry Tea and  Spicy Lime Paleo Lime Egg Salad. Connect with this blogging duo on their FB page and Instagram.

Photo Source: The Primal Desire

5. Love Laugh Mirch
“Made With Love” is how Nisha describes her cooking, culture and lifestyle blog. Love Laugh Mirch began as a way to document her passion for cooking which came from her parents.  It blossomed into a place for her to share life’s mirch masala, motherhood moments and stories about her Indian culture as well as her love for Bollywood. If you’re craving Indian food, Love Laugh Mirch is the right place to stop by. Whether you want to learn the basics, like how to make Homemade Ghee or you want some more serious desi recipe like Chicken Biryani and Aloo ka Paratha, you’ll get the step by step instructions with Love Laugh Mirch. Make sure to stop by and visit Nisha on her FB page as well as Instagram

Photo Source: Love Laugh Mirch
Photo Source: Love Laugh Mirch

I’m sure checking out these food bloggers has made you hungry! What are you craving right now?

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  1. Such a great list! And all of these food photos are making me hungry… but first I need to pin these blogs so I can keep them and check out all their recipes. Gotta have that Chocolate Chocolate Brownie in a Mug! 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, these really do make my mouth water! Thank you for sharing these!

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