7 Ideas for Your “About Me” Page

The About Me page on your blog is more important than you may realize. The reason being is that it’s the foundation of your blog. You may have an amazing Home Page and Contact or Work With Me page, but what about that very important page that tells your reader or customer who you are, what your are all about, what you offer and why you are here in the blogoshpere.

If you check your statistics, your About Me page is probably in the Top 10 or Top 20 most viewed posts. That is why you need to have an really amazing About Me page. And of course we want to help you out with that.

tips for your about me page

Here are 7 Ideas for Your “About Me” Page.

1. Images
Include at least one, nice image, hopefully with you in it. People want to see who you are so include a nice head shot. If you’re a parenting blogger, a picture with your family is always nice. If you’re a food blogger, a photo of you in the kitchen with food is nice. If you’re a fashion blogger, an outfit image works well. And so on and so worth.

2. Tell readers about yourself and why you started your blog or website.
If you’re not sure exactly what to write about, answer some of these questions:
– How can I help?
– Who am I?
– Why am I here
– What do I do?
– What will you gain from my site
This will get you started and then it will all start flowing.

3. Get Personal
Share a personal story or anecdote with your readers that they would find interesting. It’ll help you connect with them more.

4. Tell them what they will find on your blog and why it’s worth it for them to have a look around
Even though an About Me page is supposed to be about you, really, it’s about your reader. Why should they be interested in your site and why should they stick around. Make sure to answer those questions.

5. Your contact info
Of course you need to have your contact info. It can be directly on your About Me page or you can provide a link to a separate Contact Me page. And don’t forget to include links to all your social media channels so that your readers can follow you easily.

6. Show off. A little
If you have some blog posts you are really proud of or some posts that got  A LOT of traffic, don’t be afraid to tell readers about them on your About Me page and provide links. People are there because they are interested in finding out more about you, so show them your best stuff!

7. Make a Video Clip
If you’re up to it, make a short video clip to accompany your About Me page. It gives readers a glimpse of what you are are like in real life. It doesn’t need to be longer than 60-90 secs and just be yourself!

Now that you’ve read our 7 Tips for Your About Me Page, what will you be updating?

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  1. Great tips! I am doing most of it but will sure improve upon with this.

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