Small Blogging Tips That Make a Big Difference

The world of blogging is a big one. Sometimes you might feel a little lost as to how to make blogging work and be successful for you.

We asked some of the bloggers from our South Asian Bloggers Network for tips on how they found success in their blogging world. This is what they had to say.

Blogging Tips from SABN Bloggers feature

Puneeta from Ketchup Moms
“Being consistent and just writing from the heart has helped and stopped me from overthinking!”

Salma from The Write Balance
“Keeping a list of ideas has been helpful. Sometimes ideas just randomly pop into my head and I need to write them down right away or I will forget. Then when it’s time to write a post or work on my editorial calendar, if I’m stuck on an idea, I use that list as a reference.”

Tanvi from
“Editorial calendar, staying consistent, being disciplined are all on top of my list. But the most important one for me has been being professional in my interaction with brands and fellow bloggers. It has been extremely beneficial for me to treat my blog as a ‘creative’ business.”

Dixya from Simple Medicine
“Figuring out which social media channel is bringing the most engagement/traffic and spending more time there has helped me a lot…Over time I have realized that twitter is almost dead, pinterest is bringing me the most traffic, and facebook helps connect with people. It could be different for each blog but knowing what works best for you is really important.”

Surekha from Dreaming Loud
Being a newbie blogger, I was really lost initially. Interacting and connecting with other like minded bloggers…has really helped me. Being creative with titles and images has also been a key thing for post clicks.

Roya from Simple Peek
Being responsive. I really appreciate bloggers who acknowledge and appreciate their readers

Roshni from Indian American Mom
Any success I have is due to my readers! So, I guess building personal relationships is important for me!

Sadaf from Design Bliss Feast
Value + Connectivity. Building relations with bloggers and always focussing on providing value has been the most effective action for me to be successful.

Raj from Pink Chai Living
I think the key to my success as a blogger has been developing a niche and writing for it. I’ve made a conscious effort in the last few years to develop content that my niche is interested in, and that has really helped my traffic grow.

As a blogger or a reader, what is one thing that you think is important to be successful at blogging?


4 thoughts on “Small Blogging Tips That Make a Big Difference

  1. One take away from this post, for me is to always remember to write with passion and enthusiasm. Thanks for including my two cents.

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  2. A schedule. Posting every TUESDAY helps me stay ON IT!
    I always know I have to post something, thus I start conjuring up ideas the day after I post! 🙂

  3. Wow, these are all great tips! I can completely agree with all of them. One I guess I would add is to WRITE WELL. Meaning, write using correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, well-formed sentences, and logical flow of ideas. I will quickly leave blogs that make me “stumble” as I try to read them, due to poor writing. If I can’t understand what a blogger is trying to say, why waste my time there when many other blogs are well-written on the same or other interesting topics?

    Proofreading is your friend, and many bloggers need to remember that! When I was an online writing tutor, one tip I gave students was to read their essays or other written assignments out loud. Doing that often helps you catch mistakes you might miss otherwise, such as spelling and punctuation errors (run-on sentences, for instance), missing or wrong words for the context, or a sentence here and there that just doesn’t make sense.

  4. Great tips for bloggers here – pinned 🙂 My favourites are “writing from the heart”, “keeping lists of ideas”, “figuring out which social channel to use”, and “developing a niche”.

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