Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home

We love Spring! The flowers and trees start blooming, the weather starts to get warmer and of course we start thinking about Spring cleaning. Although tidying up is something that happens all year round, it’s nice to have a few days and do a really big clean and tackle those things that don’t get cleaned on a daily basis.

I’m sure people have routines of what they like to do for their Spring cleaning, so we asked our South Asian Bloggers to share some of their tips.

1. Shreya from The Luxury Belle likes to do a spring cleaning closet purge.
“I think something that works for me is making different piles of what I love, like and can live without. I usually go through the like pile at the end too and end up getting rid of stuff. I’m really bad when it comes to hanging on to clothes or things because they have memories attached so I’m going to try and work on that!”
2. Puneeta from Ketchup Moms is getting her kids to help out.
“My focus…this spring, is how to encourage the kids to go through their closets and toy chests and figure out what they love and what they can do without. I want us all as a family to think about our stuff that can be better put to use by families in need.”
She also has a great blog post with 10 hacks to help you clean the whole house.

3. For Sumaira from The Muslimah Mommy, spring is about shifting winter away and bringing spring into the house.
“I always store the winter gear; ski pants, winter boots etc, in the basement to make more room for the Spring gear; rain boots, umbrellas.
4. Salma from The Write Balance has been reading the book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and she says the perfect time to put it into action is during spring break for spring cleaning.
“It’s an intense cleaning, but if you do it once, it’s supposed to stick for life!”
She’s sharing how she purged her clothes as well as organization hacks for your closet and accessories.
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5. Roshni from Indian American Mom does her purging and donating during spring cleaning.
“We put up all winter jackets in our attic and purge our closets. I love making big bags for donating…Also, we prune our backyard plants this time of year for the next round of budding and flowering!
She also has a household cleaning checklist that will come in handy.
6. For Tahira from Slick Chick Magazine, spring cleaning means de-cluttering and organizing!
She shares some of her tips in this post.
What are some tips you have when it comes to your spring cleaning?

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