5 Tips to Improve Your Blog Photos

5 Tips for Improving Your Blog PhotographyIf you are serious about growing your blog, eventually you’ll have to spend some time thinking about the quality of your images. While some might argue that content is king and all that matters, we also can’t forget that we live in a visual world where Pinterest and Instagram are the leading ladies!

Whether you are shooting with an iPhone, point and shoot, or DSLR camera, there are some basic tips you can use to bring up the quality of your visuals. 

1. Go where the light is
Dark photos can be a real downer, whenever possible take your photos in natural light. Try setting up a table near a window to shoot food and craft photos, or going outside to take outfit photos. Natural light can really enhance your photo quality.

2. Try different angles
Yes top shots of food are very popular on Instagram right now, but there are a lot of other angles to shoot photos from. You can try getting down really low, or shooting an item from the side – the point is experiment a little!

3. Review everything that is in the frame
If you are sharing the beautiful cake you made, take the time to take the dirty dishes out of the background. While we understand the excitement to just click a pic and post it on social media, take some time really looking at the pic. Could you adjust the sofa cushions in the background, or take a few notices off the fridge? Little tweaks to the background make your pictures look so much more polished. 

4. Tell a story
Rather than just showing the reader your new shoes, show them in action. Or slice the cake and plate it so the reader can feel like they are a part of the action. Remember blogs are supposed to be personal and tell a story; they are supposed to look like real life, not an advertisement.

5. Take a lot of photos so you have options
It might seem weird to take 25 pictures of a slice of cake, but it’s always better to have a lot of options rather than not enough. Also, when in doubt take a picture – especially if you are doing a tutorial or recipe post. There is nothing worse than sitting down to write a post only to find your are missing a picture of a step that you need to tell the whole story. 

Featured image by: Aziz Dhamani Photography