5 Butter Chicken Recipes to Try

It seems that whenever a non-Indian thinks of Indian food, the first thing that comes to mind is Butter Chicken. And why not? It’s a delicious, aromatic meal that pairs perfectly with naan. Since it’s one of the most searched Indian food recipes, we thought we’d share some of the great Butter Chicken recipes from our South Asian Bloggers, each one with its own twist.

1. Classic Butter Chicken
If you’re looking for the authentic, original butter chicken recipe, whipping cream and all, then this recipe from  The Tiffin Box is just what you want. Yes it’s a bit laborious, but it is totally worth it in the end!

Photo Courtesy: The Tiffin Box

2. 15-Minute Butter Chicken
Some people don’t make butter chicken at home because they think it will take too long and be too much work. But this 15-Minute Butter Chicken recipe from Pink Chai Living proves that you can do it!

3. Utterly Butter-ly Butter Chicken
Spice in the City also shares her recipe for the classic butter chicken after being asked about it constantly by friends. People want to know how to make their favourite Indian dish. And her version looks so delicious!

Photo Source: Spice in the City
Photo Source: Spice in the City

4. Low-Fat Butter Chicken
Chocolate & Chillies version of butter chicken gives us the original recipe and then shows us how to adjust it to make it low fat. So it can still taste yummy but be more waistline-friendly.

5. Paleo Butter Chicken
Of course the list would not be complete without a recipe for Paleo Butter Chicken. The Primal Desire seems to have perfected it. Not only that, they came up with another recipe, a Paleo Vegan Butter Chicken recipe so that their is something for everyone!

Paleo Butter Chicken
Photo Source: The Primal Desire

Whether you want the original, quick, low calorie or paleo version, we have every butter chicken recipe you can think of at your fingertips. Now which one are you going to try first?


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  1. What a great choice you offer your readers. I guess, the low fat version of the original is the one I’d go for. We all seem to be eating too much fat lately.

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