Sending Money to Family and Friends

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Most people have family or friends that live faraway. In today’s technological era, it’s so easy to stay connected with them whether it’s with a phone call, an email or even a video chat. It’s so amazing how small the world has become.

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It’s the same with sending money to friends and family overseas. Gone are the days of writing a cheque or even worse, stuffing cash in an envelope, licking a stamp and putting it in the mailbox. Whether you’re sending money to your parents, wanting to give your cousins a monetary gift for Diwali or Vaisakhi, or just want to help out a family member, it’s as easy as a money transfer.

What’s not so simple is the fees, the cost, the exchange rates and the convenience associated with sending money and that’s what’s important for many of our South Asian Bloggers who send money back home on a regular basis.

Yashy from Baby & Life:
One way we still keep in touch with family back home is by sending little surprises for various celebrations. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, full moon or even sick days …a little treat brightens up their day. For me I need a service that not only offers a great exchange rate but also one where I can send small denominations easily. Of course the recipient needs to be able to claim/receive it easily as well.

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Dixya from Food Pleasure Health: 
I send money every month or so for my cousin. For me, the most important thing is convenience and the amount of the transfer fee.

Puneeta from Ketchup Moms:
We usually send money to close family members and that’s why convenience in India to receive it is the most important. The ability to send all amounts and then the pricing of course; the fees also play a big part when we transfer money.

Surekha from Dreamin’ Loud:
I send money to my friends and family in India. For me it’s important that I get a good exchange rate, it’s quick and there are no high fees. It’s also important that I can track it each time I send or receive money.

If you are also concerned about these things, then you should check out CIBC’s Global Money Transfers. Not only is there no fee to send a money transfer, CIBC doesn’t charge the recipient either. You can send the money to more than 35 countries around the world and the person receiving the money will get it directly into their bank account, usually within one business day.


CIBC also make it so convenient that you can do the money transfer anytime, either online or in the branch, right out of your bank account or line of credit if you’re a CIBC customer. You can even do the GMT right out of your US account without using a third party.

So whether you are sending money regularly to help out family or you just want to send some cash for a special occasion, the CIBC GMT could be the answer for you.

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